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June 27, 2016 @ 9:50 am

Ep. 246 “A Tribute to Daniel Berrigan: Prophet of Peace …and More”

Ep. 246  “A Tribute to Daniel Berrigan: Prophet of Peace …and More” (hosted by Francis X. Hezel and produced  by Tom Maxedon with assistance from Alan Grossman and Robert Wang) airs 6/24/16. 

Father Daniel Berrigan—American Jesuit priest, poet, author, teacher, anti-war activist, prophet, controversial figure—died April 30, just nine days shy of his 95thbirthday.   

Berrigan made his first mark on the nation in the midst of the Vietnam War–a war that increasingly divided the United States.  Berrigan was one of the towering figures of that era–and perhaps one of the most divisive. Together with his late brother, Philip, the Berrigan brothers stood as radical spokesmen for peace even as their own country was waging war. They burned draft files in the parking lot of the Catonsville, Maryland draft board and trespassed onto the General Electric nuclear missile facility in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania were they damaged nuclear nuclear warhead nose cones, in acts of resistance to U.S. militarism. The Berrigan brothers' felonious forms of nonviolent protest led a nation of Catholics, and millions of others, to both loathe and love the brothers, who together made the cover of Timemagazine in 1971 for their work in opposition to the Vietnam War. 

This episode features interviews via Skype with Fr. Raymond A. Schroth, a Jesuit, journalist, and teacher who was a colleague of Berrigan’s. John O’Gorman, who was a student of Berrigan’s in 1989 in a Seminar on Peace & Justice at Loyola University-New Orleans; and Gerry Drummond, a former Jesuit and friend. They share personal reflections about this remarkable man, his peacemaking legacy and impact on their own formation of conscience about war, and his wake and funeral in May. 

This episode includes the poem by Berrigan entitled "Some" which he performed 6/10/06 at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola in New York City; two poems of Berrigan read by Gerry Drummond; and a clip from the film “King Of Prussia”, excerpted from Democracy Now, “Remembering Father Daniel Berrigan - A Prophet”, which aired 5/30/16.  The episode concludes with the songs: “Peace, Love, and Understanding” performed by Nick Lowe and “War” performed by Edwin Star. 

Guest host Father Francis X. Hezel, S.J, has lived and worked in Micronesia since 1963.  At different times, he has served as a high school teacher, school administrator, pastor and regional superior to the Jesuits in Micronesia. He is now serving as parochial vicar in Santa Barbara Catholic Church in Guam after 40 years as director of Micronesian Seminar, the public education program for the Catholic Church in the Caroline Islands.  He has written and spoken widely  about the impacts of social change on island societies and has authored several books on Micronesian history. You may view his May 6 , 2015 commentary on Dan Berrigan at


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