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March 31, 2016 @ 4:48 pm

Ep. 238 “Lukao Fuha: Chamorro Ancient Ritual, Spirituality and Self-Determination”

Ep. 238 “Lukao Fuha:  Chamorro Ancient Ritual, Spirituality and Self-Determination” (hosted by Moñeka De Oro and produced by Tom Maxedon with assistance from Alan Grossman) airs 3/18/16. 

For the past three years, the grassroots group Our Islands are Sacred has organized an annual pilgrimage and ceremony in the village of Umatac to celebrate the ancient culture,  traditions, and resilience of the Chamorro people despite waves of colonization since the 16th century. 

In celebration of Guam History and Chamorro Heritage Day (March 7), this episode features interviews with three Chamorro educators who are co-organizers of this year’s Lukao Fuha (or Fuha pilgrimage) on February 13 to the large rock pillar in Fouha Bay, believed to be the cradle of creation for the people of the Mariana Islands and, in some accounts, for all of humankind.   

Joseph ‘Joey’ Certeza, Eva Aguon Cruz,  and Shannon Siguenza discuss the significance of the Chamorro creation story of Puntan yan Fu’una and this cultural re-enactment ceremony in relation to Chamorro spirituality, ‘reclaiming the sacred’, and self-determination.  This episode begins with the chant Fanlalai'an's "I Tinituthon" and concludes with Jocelyn Toves' call to action with her song “Kottura-ta.”


Guest host Moñeka De Oro is a co-organizer with Our Islands are Sacred and a M.A. candidate in the Micronesian Studies Program at the University of Guam.  Her academic and community work focuses on the traditional healing arts, cultural preservation and environmental protection of the Marianas Islands. 

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