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February 3, 2016 @ 9:41 am

Ep. 234 “Power, Social Media, Chamorro Identity and Cyberactivism”

Ep. 234 “Power, Social Media, Chamorro Identity and Cyberactivism” (hosted by Dr. Vivian Dames and produced by Dance Aoki with assistance from Alan Grossman) airs 1/22/16.  This day is the sixth anniversary of Beyond the Fence. 

This episode features individual interviews with Manuel L. Cruz III, Cara Flores-Mays and Moñeka de Oro. 

While an undergraduate at the University of Guam, Manuel L. Cruz III, authored a research paper entitled, “I A’adahi: An Analysis of Chamorro Cyberactivism”, which serves as a touchstone for these conversations about power, social media, Chamorro identity and cyberactivism.  I A’adahi is used by Cruz to refer to those who are vigilant or watch out for others. From January-March 2014, Cruz investigated the types of content Chamorro cyberactivists use to reach their audience, recruit new members, organize, and mobilize individuals to action. He looked at the on-line content of eight Chamorro SMOs (social movement organizations) and persons, or groups, with political and cultural interests: We are Guahan (WAG), Hinasso, Our Islands are Sacred (OIAS), Adventures in Chamoru, Pa’a Taotao Tano (Pa’a), Inetnon Gefpågo (IG), the website Arkiology, and the blog Minagahet Chamoru. Cruz and his professor, Dr. Lilnabeth Somera, presented this research paper at the 2014 Pacific & Asia Communication Association Conference held in Bandung, Indonesia. 

Cruz received his B.A. in Communication with a minor in Chamorro Studies from the University of Guam in 2014. He is now a news reporter for Hit Radio 100 and a graduate student in the UOG English Program. One of his current research projects is an analysis of the arguments for an environmental ‘watchdog’ for Guam.  This builds on his earlier work as a communicator with the UOG Sea Grant, and liaison with local and federal environmental agencies.   

Cara Flores-Mays is a core member and organizer for We Are Guahan.  She is a Chamorro mother and small-business owner specializing in media planning and production. She was instrumental in We Are Guahan’s work to sue the Department of Defense over its proposed use of the ancient village site of Pagat for military training activities. She also produced We Are Pågat with Jason Triplett, a short film that documents the efforts to save Pågat. She is co-founder of Duk Duk Goose, Inc., a local nonprofit that produces Nihi, a children’s show that features Chamorro language and song, for which she is director/producer.  

Moñeka de Oro, another daughter of the Marianas, is a mother, educator and core member and organizer of Our Islands are Sacred. She has an undergraduate degree in anthropology from the University of Guam and is currently a graduate student in the Micronesian Studies Program with an interest in indigenous Chamorro health and healing practices. 

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