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September 11, 2012 @ 11:02 pm

Ep. 123 “Connecting the Dots: The Uprisings in Guahan, Kauai, and Jeju”

Ep. 123 “Connecting the Dots:  The Uprisings in Guahan, Kauai, and Jeju”  (hosted by Dr. Vivian Dames with production assistance of Daisy Demapan ) airs 816/12.

My program guest is Koohan Paik ( who is a writer,  filmmaker and international activist whose work focuses on the militarization of Asia and the Pacific region and forging connections among resistance communities. Koohan grew up in California, Korea and Guam where her naturalized Korean-American father practiced law for many years. She is co-author with Jerry Mander, director of the International Forum on Globalization (IFG), of a book entitled The SuperFerry Chronicles:  Hawaii’s Uprising Against Militarism, Commercialism and the Desecration of the Earth (Koa Books, 2009).  She also teaches video production at Kauai Community College.

In June 2012 Koohan fulfilled a lifelong dream to return to South Korea and visit Jeju Island, a UNESCO world heritage site and remarkable model for island sustainability.  For the past several years villagers from Gangjeong, on Jeju, have been protesting the construction of a joint South Korean-U.S. Navy base.  In this interview she shares her childhood memories growing up in Korea and Guahan, observations about the emergence of resistance to the military buildup in Guahan, highlights lessons learned in Kauai as documented in the Superferry Chronicles, and discusses what is at stake in the Jeju Island struggle.

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